Exaland by SPIME.IM, Tomat & Gabriele Ottino - -OUS [OUS019] FLAC download included with physical items


A 7 track bleep album (26m 43s) — released May 24th 2019 on -OUS

Temporary linearity in a lysergic world.

Imagination and reality, science and humanity: SPIME.IM weave their audiovisual tales from the ethereal textures that shape our worlds. Their album Exaland synthesizes reality by combining human expression with technological potentialities in an infinitely changeable virtual world. The seven tracks are defined by razor-like sounds, crystal textures and digital overload, captured in those weightless seconds on a parabolic flight. Just as SPIME.IM's live performances, this album is a temporarily linear journey through a narrative space shaped by psychedelic landscapes, synthetic colors, mutating objects and transient life-forms.

SPIME.IM was born as a word pun between the concept theorized by Bruce Sterling - the spime for the note, an object that can be traced through space and time for the duration of its existence - and the contraction of English I am. If the Being is therefore the object of the intertwining between the real and the virtual, then it becomes possible to create new imaginaries that turn into immersive environments and narrative spaces in which artificial and natural, science and humanity, imagination and reality interpenetrate, giving life to new boundaries to be explored, to experience the own consciousness and what, while invisible to our eyes, surrounds and influences us.

Affirming digital reality, the Turin-based media art collective SPIME.IM explores the boundaries and possibilities of identity and perception in a world where virtual doppelgängers take on an all-encompassing position. SPIME.IM use technology, 3D art and electronic music to weave immersive audio-video experiences.

On Exaland, the collective explores corners of digitally warped spaces of intensities, which end up sounding like a mix of Sophie meets Lorenzo Senni. - Hendrik van Boetzelaer zweikommasieben magazine

Bleepy un-ambient, Max/MSP core, brooding (neo)cosmic/synth and tripping, phonk-informed electronica for those in the know. - baze.djunkiii nitestylez.de

Giddy, playfully rhythm-driven electronica. - Boomkat

Intense Avantgarde-CAD-IDM Electronics. - Hardwax

This is a record that recalls the end-of-days frenzies of artists like Mana, Ben Frost and even Arca. - Bleep

Moving between cascades of sharp beats, furious hailstorms of digital noise and ambient fragments, Exaland is HD music at its best. - Nicolò Arpinati sentireascoltare.com

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDEGMEz1etM - SPIME.IM Exaland V video clip

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Romv63zULk - SPIME.IM Exaland I video clip

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQhyPsATxlA - SPIME.IM Exaland VI live video

Exaland's tracks sound massive and do an outstanding impact on a big system. - Giuseppe Pisano toneshift.net

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