A 3 track ambient ep (21m 8s) — released June 18th 2021 on -OUS

"The way we approach recording music — starting from an inner and outer void, where there is just acoustical action and reaction — is an attempt to emulate and slow down the fleeting memories that occur during a near death experience. A scintillating recollection that is the essence of who we are, slowed down and enhanced in order to be captured." - Sara Oswald + Feldermelder

Prolific cellist Sara Oswald and experimental electronic musician Feldermelder present a captivating experience that resembles the suspended timelessness of an embryonic world. The way in which the duo modulate our perception of time, across this EP of three distinct pieces, represents an impressive display of aesthetic power, enabling listeners to experience the here and now in a total, physical engagement, and to travel through endless, transitional states of mind. "Drawn" is a meditation, where process becomes form.

The first piece 'Fishes in Histogram Waterfalls' opens up a time-space where acoustic elements meet electronics; a fragile and organic encounter that nevertheless remains potent and precise. In this Sara Oswald and Feldermelder form resonant clouds of sound that hover and move discreetly.

The second piece 'Volcanic Meditation Walks' is more rhythmically defined, punctuated by repetitive accents and imbued with an enchanting, longing melody. Interspersed with heavy, phantasmal electronics, the track evokes a surreal passage across a scorched landscape, like a trek at the foot of Mount Etna.

"Drawn" reflects a dislocation of conventional temporality, and with the final piece 'Short Term Memories' the duo offer a denouement, where 'the naked truth of our existence is revealed', where every moment is again just another shift, another liminal state. Here they embody the perpetual flow of existence, where birth and death form a circle — where the same form never reappears — where every moment is unique. And where memory has its limits, because neither past nor future really exist.

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