Crystal (feat. Stina Fors)

A 1 track leftfield/idm single (3m 52s) — released July 28th 2023 on -OUS

"The past is eating the future.
This is our age.
Like a false start."
- SPIME.IM feat. Stina Fors

On 'Crystal', the opening track of their forthcoming album 'Grey Line', SPIME.IM collaborate with Swedish performer and vocalist Stina Fors. Deepening their previous collaborations in search of a depersonalized voice and assuming the role of an artificial voice, Stina acts as a deus ex machina, as the sole generator of rhythmic loops that again trigger percussion, drum machine sounds and acoustic drums.

The lyrics incorporate a wide range of heterogenous texts, representing a collision that transforms into a convergence of ideas. We find a passage where philosopher Timothy Morton provides an ecological and philosophical response to the question "looking for a new TV series to watch?", which then merges with James Bridle, who reflects on the social and political implications of the digital era, touching on topics such as surveillance, automation, and their impact on society, all of which are then commented upon by Chat GPT. Alongside these literary influences, the lyrics also incorporate clichés, advertisements, and concepts associated with artificial intelligence. These elements are inserted into the stream of consciousness of the song, creating a contrast between the complexity of the contemporary world and the reification of ideas in popular culture and commercial narratives. The concept of Bruce Sterling's 'SPIME' serves as a guideline to merge contrasting themes such as the interconnectedness of everything, the transformation of ideas into physical or digital objects, or the creation of new realities through the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence.

With their forthcoming album 'Grey Line', SPIME.IM continue to carve out their distinct place among contemporary music innovators, balancing between - and deconstructing - various club genres. Each track is intimately connected to a specific gradation of grey, creating a unique musical journey through the nuances of existence. 'Grey Line' offers a pathway to escape the monotony and embrace the richness and diversity hidden within the greyscale, promising to be a thought-provoking and immersive musical experience that allows listeners to explore the nuances of diverse gradations of reality.

Stina Fors, born 1989 in Goteborg, is a choreographer, performer, drummer and a vocalist, currently based in Vienna. She explores what a 'sounding body' can be in a repertoire of solo performances, for example her one-woman-punk-band: Stina Force.

SPIME.IM is a forward-thinking artistic collective that explores the aesthetics of digital reality through transmedia music projects. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology, 3D art, and electronic music, they craft immersive audiovisual experiences that challenge our understanding of identity and corporeality. Their recent collaboration with acclaimed pianist and composer Lubomyr Melnyk and cellist Julia Kent on "The End Of The World" garnered critical acclaim, including a notable performance at the Barbican Centre in London. Additionally, they are set to perform at the renowned Mutek festival in Montreal this August, further solidifying their position in the forefront of the art and experimental music scene.

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