Grey Line

A 8 track leftfield/idm album (22m 55s) — released September 8th 2023 on -OUS

"Just as we are entangled in this systematic chaos, by refining our perception and exploring the subtle gradations that make up the grey, we may begin to understand the intricate variations of reality." - SPIME.IM

Turin-based audiovisual collective SPIME.IM is thrilled to announce their highly anticipated album 'Grey Line'. The release explores the intricate nuances of the grey scale within the contemporary landscape, encapsulating the complexities of human experiences and the choices we encounter in an interconnected society.

With 'Grey Line', SPIME.IM continue to carve out their distinct place among contemporary music innovators, balancing between - and deconstructing - various club genres. Each track is intimately connected to a specific gradation of grey, creating a unique musical journey through the nuances of existence. The album also features two exceptional guests: Stina Fors and Lorem. Stina Fors contributes her captivating vocals to the opening track 'Crystal', adding a concealed human element to the mix. It is a genuine human voice that assumes the role of an artificial one. Lorem, in 'Pure', performs the exact opposite. He utilises trained AI models to incorporate hip hop screamo vocals, bringing a sleek and intense touch to the album, and blurring the boundaries between human and artificial voices. This unique fusion enhances the album's experimental essence and pushes the boundaries of musical collaboration. SPIME.IM explain: "In an era filled with contradictions and uncertainties, we delve into the emotional landscape we find ourselves in — an interval between the decline of the old and the construction of the new". 'Grey Line' offers a pathway to escape the monotony and embrace the richness and diversity hidden within the greyscale, promising to be a thought-provoking and immersive musical experience that allows listeners to explore the nuances of diverse gradations of reality.

SPIME.IM is a forward-thinking artistic collective that explores the aesthetics of digital reality through transmedia music projects. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology, 3D art, and electronic music, they craft immersive audiovisual experiences that challenge our understanding of identity and corporeality. Their recent collaboration with acclaimed pianist and composer Lubomyr Melnyk and cellist Julia Kent on "The End Of The World" garnered critical acclaim, including a notable performance at the Barbican Centre in London. Additionally, they are set to perform at the renowned Mutek festival in Montreal this August, further solidifying their position in the forefront of the art and experimental music scene.

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