A 3 track ambient ep (9m 22s) — released April 15th 2022 on -OUS

"I create my compositions from a symphonic-orchestral viewpoint, where the sounds are my orchestra, and I arrange them in time and space." - Noémi Büchi

Noémi Büchi's first EP for -OUS, 'Hyle' is a reference to the ancient greek term for 'matter' - which is composed of fire, water, air and earth - and only comes into existence when 'form' is attached to it. Balancing between the elements of electroacoustic music, neo-classical composition and sound design, 'Hyle' unfolds in three compositions that translate 'matter' into music. "We all are matter, and music is matter. My compositions convert personal and collective memories between trauma and joy into music that is rooted in the emotional dimension, but also intends to spark intellectual euphoria", she explains.

Consciously returning to the appreciation of harmony, Noémi Büchi unfolds its musical potential through chordal combinations and reduced musical intervals. Her pieces are written with a classical understanding of compositional forms, structures and textures, which she translates to experimental electronic music. Just as life can be segmented into layers of knowledge and experience, Noémi Büchi composes in layers: she explores the potential of harmonies and dissonance, contrasts rhythmic figures with disruptive moments and playfully emphasizes irregularities, in order to expand our listening habits and create dense moments and harmonic grandeur alike. 'Hyle' is a prelude to her debut album 'Matter', which will be released on -OUS in 2022.

Composer and sound artist Noémi Büchi explores electronic and symphonic maximalism. Her music is defined by a delicate blend of electronic-orchestral condensations and textural rhythms. She strives for a combination of harmonic and dissonant sonorities, to evoke both intellectual and emotional euphoria. Her 2019 debut EP 'Matière', released through Light of Other Days, attracted widespread attention within the experimental music scene. In 2020, she released a second EP Prismic Passages on the Leipzig-based tape label Visible Dinner. -OUS will be releasing her debut album 'Matter' and its prelude 'Hyle' in 2022, as well as the debut album of Musique Infinie, a collaboration between Noémi Büchi and Feldermelder.

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